3 Ways to Continue Your Education During Quarantine

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Living through a national pandemic has caused our daily lives to change in many ways. Perhaps you’ve started working from home or have found yourself furloughed. If you are still going to work, you’ve likely curbed your socializing. Restaurants in many states are serving at lowered capacity. Bars and night clubs are closing.

Entertainment such as cultural events and sports are on indefinite hiatus. You’ve probably found yourself with a great deal more time at home. Lots of folks are dedicating this time to learning. If this idea appeals to you, consider these three ways to continue your education during the quarantine.

Learn Something New

Now is as good a time as any to learning something new. Maybe it’s a topic or skill you’ve always wanted to know more about. Perhaps something has caught your eye recently, and you’d like to pursue it. Whatever the case may be, now’s your chance to pursue learning purely for learning’s sake.

There are sites dedicated to teaching skills such as graphic design, scriptwriting, online marketing, and more.

Some institutes of higher education offer courses to the general public for free or for a small fee. Right now, more and more list articles are popping up compiling some of the best online classes for every interest. A simple Google search should yield a multitude of results.

Further Your Career

If you like the job you have but hope to advance, now might be a good time to pursue additional education. You might choose to look into a particular certification that could make you eligible for a pay increase. Perhaps a promotion is possible once you expand your skillset. Take some time to look into available online certification or educational options. Your employer might even pay for it.

Another consideration is for those who need annual continuing education credits to maintain their certification or to remain employed. While on lockdown, you could get some online CME courses out of the way so that you’re up to date. This will save you from waiting until the last minute and stressing out. Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals often need to keep up with such credits, as do certain mental health professionals and educators.

Pursue a New Path

You may even decide to pursue an entirely new career or life path during this time of quarantine. Perhaps you’ve been downsized, laid off or furloughed. It could be that your job as an essential worker seems like too much of a risk. There is a wide variety of accredited online higher education and career programs for you to research.

Consider your strengths and interests. Then take a look at the job market in your area to determine if the career path you desire is in demand where you live. You can typically get financial aid for online education through a legitimate college or university. This is just as valid a pursuit as taking coursework through a brick and mortar institution.

Online learning opens up broader possibilities, though, as you can take classes from anywhere around the world. Narrow down your research to institutions that have your chosen course of study, are accredited, and offer financial aid. Then contact the admissions departments to get more details and to be sure you have the prerequisites to enroll. You may discover a whole new world is at your fingertips.

There are numerous ways to continue your education during the quarantine. Look at your personal circumstances, interests, and desires to get an idea of which path makes the most sense for you right now. Online education from home is a safe way to seek education whether you’re learning something new for fun, getting ahead in your current career, or forging a whole new path.

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