How Cloud Technology is Reshaping the World and What is There for Us in Our Career?

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In this digital era, we all are equipped with one or more tech devices to our interest. Say for example, every 1 out of 4 have a smartphone and every 1 out of 10 have a personal laptop/desktop computer. Lately due to the love for social media we people have gone crazy for photographs and photography has become a social trend and most of us are looking to have a professional cameras like a DSLR and few already have one.

With respect to the high-end devices, our storage capacity has also been demanding. There are more chances to lose the data’s with issues like data loss in local storage and device failures such as external storage devices. Let’s discuss about the ways in which we can store the data to reduce the money we spend in buying new storage devices. We explore so many things around us while travelling, social gathering etc. Obviously we click snaps for various reasons.

We all found interesting to click Selfie’s with numerous emotions towards the camera. It is a surprise that we have been so much obsessed with those behavior. Where all this craze come from? Nowhere but the presence of social media, especially the giant social network Facebook. No need to give statistics about Facebook as we all knew that Facebook account count surpassed few countries population count itself.

Cloud Technology and its Uses:

Most of us have a Facebook account and we connect with our friends, colleagues and others in the network. The human mind loves to hear positive feedback and by getting likes from Facebook, we feel energized and get positive for the time being. Recently more popular social networks have appeared and the number of pictures and videos taken are increasing rapidly.

An average smartphone user clicks about 10 Selfie’s and a video per day. Having the high range smartphones makes the picture and video size very high due the quality and resolution in itself. So it is better to store them somewhere for retrieval and to have enough space in the device to click more new pictures and videos.

Our internal hard disk storage has over flown and not everyone prefers to have their data’s in an external hard disk to store the data. So we are in a situation now, and how to overcome? Yes, we have to utilize the power of cloud. Cloud in simple terms the place we can store and access programs over the internet irrespective of the device or personal storage.

Cloud is like having an online account and uploading data to it and it can be accessed from any part of the world with the help of an internet connection. So it is wise to store the data in the cloud and the highly priority documents can be stored in the cloud in order to retrieve easily without any issues.

Cloud Technology in IT industries

Information Technology (IT) is one major industry utilizes the Cloud Technology to its fullest to run their businesses effectively. Large number of startups are running their businesses by storing the data in the cloud with the help of candidates with cloud technology skills. This gives them easy access to data across various regions of their business without worrying about the data transfer/movement over insecure networks. Tech industry have a huge demand for cloud computing profiles and there are specific cloud certifications starters to get exposure about the same.

Few best cloud services to consider are the Amazon Web services, Google Drive, Dropbox and more. Because they are user-friendly and offers ample amount of free storage for a customer. Especially Google Drive provides around 25 GB of data combined with Google Mail and other services and it is a lot of free data space we can utilize very effectively. Cloud technology is trending since it is easily accessible across the globe with internet connection and user friendly to customize and use without much prior knowledge of the technology. There are various cloud certification courses already listed in top trending courses list of 2016. According to Forbes, cloud computing salaries are positioned from 100K to 150K a year. In a more recent article the average value is $90K a year for a cloud computing professional.

And thus, there is an explosion in cloud computing use and demand for people who can help with cloud migrations.

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