Five Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Not Bringing Your Car With You To College

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Even if you are allowed to take your car to college, you may want to consider leaving it at home. Not having your car is somewhat inconvenient but has a lot of benefits, too. Check out the list below for five things to keep in mind if you’re going car-less at college.

Pack Wisely

If you don’t have your car with you at school, you won’t be able to just pop home any time you want or need a random item you left there. For that reason, make sure to pack everything you’ll need until the next time you can go home. While that will seem like a lot of stuff (especially when fluffy sweaters are taking up closet space and it’s still 80 degrees), you’ll appreciate not having to re-buy everything when you need it.

You’ll Do More On Campus

While not having a car may make you feel "stuck," it could actually help your campus life. You’re more likely to take advantage of the fun (often free) events on campus rather than going out and spending money on other activities. You’re also less likely to get distracted by the ability to "get away" and will probably study more as a result.

You Can Take Other Transportation

Most cities and college towns have easily accessible public transit systems that can take you everywhere you’d need to go, including airports, bus stations, and local malls. You can also ask friends with cars for rides, but do it sparingly and offer to pay for gas so you don’t seem like a freeloader. You could also get a motorcycle or scooter to use as weather permits. However, keep in mind that traffic can be chaotic near college campuses. If you do get involved in an accident, be sure to speak with a motorcycle accident attorney in Las Vegas right away. Whether you are riding a motorcycle, walking, or are a passenger in a car, there are risks involved when driving near campuses.

You’ll Save Money

In a time when you’re broke from tuition bills, you want to cut corners wherever possible. If you don’t have a car at college, you’ll be saving money by not paying for parking, gas, or maintenance. Those savings can go towards bills, food, or fun activities with your friends instead!

You’ll Be More Independent

While having the ability to drive seems like the ultimate form of independence, it can also be a crutch. If you have a car you may be able to drive home whenever you feel homesick. Sticking to your new town or city will force you to really adjust to your environment, which will make you feel more grown-up in the end.

Going to college without a car has its perks. From extra money to a stronger connection to your new environment, you’ll be glad you left it at home.

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