After College: 6 of the Best Cities for Recent Graduates to Live In

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Although unemployment rates are decreasing around the country, finding entry-level jobs for recent college graduates can still be problematic. No college student wants to think about living with parents after graduation or working as a waiter rather than pursuing a meaningful career. However, several cities across the United States provide excellent job opportunities for recent graduates as well as affordable housing.

Washington, DC

Washington, DC, has more to offer than just an amazing job market. It is also a major metropolis with gorgeous outdoor areas, a wide array of neighborhoods and many cultural experiences at its numerous museums. Washington, DC, also boasts a low unemployment rate.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City still has much to offer for recent graduates. With top employers such as Delta Airlines and Adobe nearby, there are many options to find work. The area is becoming a bigger technology hub as well, so this could be a great move for those in the field of tech. The city also offers a variety of contemporary condos to choose from, like those at

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Those looking for a thriving scene for millennials in the heart of the Upper Midwest can head to Minneapolis, one of the two cities known collectively as the Twin Cities. Minneapolis is a hot spot for young adults with over 30 percent of its population between the ages of 20 to 34.

Madison, Wisconsin

Not too far away is Madison, often thought of as a university town. However, with a high number of jobs in the science and healthcare sectors as well as a low unemployment rate, it is an excellent spot for college graduates as well.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Just north of the Kentucky border lies Cincinnati, which appeals to those who love exploring the outdoors in the heart of a big city. Cincinnati also has a low unemployment rate, and has a high percentage of millennials. This can make it easier for recent graduates to make connections and obtain good jobs.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a thriving town with many Fortune 500 companies, including Amazon and Microsoft, which appeal to millennials. This city is the perfect place to find an entry-level tech job. There are a variety of options available, so no matter your field, you can often find a rewarding career.

While college graduates have many more job opportunities than high school graduates do, it can be discouraging for some graduates to find entry-level jobs. These six cities provide a wide range of climates and styles to fit almost any graduate’s wish list. By combining a well-paying job in a meaningful field with an affordable lifestyle, recent graduates can certainly create successful lives for themselves.

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