3 Types of Videos Your Students Wish You’d Show More Often

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Many teachers understand the educational value that video brings to their classrooms and their students. Video can make history come alive or impart a tutorial that demonstrates something in a way that a page of text simply can’t relate. Students enjoy learning through video and often wish their instructors would bring in more of them to the class. Consider working in more of these video types to your class and see what a difference they can make to the overall learning experience.

Educate with Videos

You can find many informative and educational videos on sites like YouTube that you can convert and legally download for use in your classroom when you use youtubedownload.altervista.org. Consider actual footage from one of the wars to show students a glimpse of living history. Find the perfect video biography of a scientist to complement your students’ chemistry or biology studies, for example. There is a vast array of educational video material that can impart knowledge to your students through a medium that is visually stimulating and also encourages good listening skills. Consider making educational videos a weekly part of your class’s curriculum.

Training Videos

A training video or tutorial video allows students to achieve an active understanding of something they must also learn to do. A student can learn to play a piano part by watching a video tutorial. Other students might benefit from a training video that teaches them various tips and tricks for using new computer programs or computer software. Training videos are part of everyday life for most people. People watch videos to learn how to repair items or master new skills. Learning from a training video is an important skill you can encourage in your students who will likely rely on this format in the future. Consider adding some foreign language videos to your schedule to help students train in an alternative language, for instance.

Fitness Videos

Students can use the video medium to learn many skills that relate to fitness. Since fitness is a lifelong pursuit, it should ideally be included in the educational setting. Students can watch fitness videos that pertain to yoga or aerobics. They can also view sports training videos that teach them to pitch better or how to design a gymnastics routine. When it comes to fitness, the video medium is a vital part of many people’s lives. Working this medium into the school setting can demonstrate the importance of fitness and how even a video can support someone’s fitness goals.

Students have to read, write, take tests, and listen to lectures; videos shouldn’t replace those elements of the classroom. On the other hand, videos can complement traditional forms of instruction and do so in a way that is pleasing to the students. Kids often enjoy a varied routine.  By incorporating some videos into the class from time to time, students will find the classroom setting refreshed, which can benefit their learning. From fun science films to interesting documentaries, you can include all sorts of educational videos into your curriculum. You may very well find they produce some outstanding results when it comes to educating and raising your students’ interest in any given subjects.

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