Top Tips for Keeping Your Dorm Room Clean

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College dorm rooms get a rep for being some of the dirtiest places on campus. After all, for most students, it’s their first time having a space that’s all their own without parents breathing down their back to keep it clean. But for those able to stay in their campus’s dormitories this year, trying to keep a cleaner environment may be more of a pressing need than it has been before. These are our top tips for keeping your dorm room clean.

Organize Your Space

Keeping your dorm room clean is easier when your dorm room is organized. When everything has a designated spot, you won’t end up stuffing papers into random drawers or leaving clutter in corners. Start with a purge day. Go through everything in your room, including papers, odds and ends, and old clothes. Pitch what you don’t need or don’t use and find a specific shelf or drawer for the rest.

Schedule Laundry Day

When you’re busy with assignments, socializing, and on-campus organizations, it can be hard to make time for laundry. But laundry overflowing in your hamper can have a way of making your space (and you) smell less than fresh. Your bedsheets also have a way of subtly contributing to the smell of a room. Not only that, but the dead skin cells, sweat, and oil that get added to your linens every time you sleep in them can make it tougher to sleep and contribute to acne.

Schedule one day a week to be your laundry day and make every other week the day you wash your sheets. Make laundry day a study day. Set alarms for when your clothes are ready to be switched over and taken out. These will serve as the perfect “brain breaks” to help get you through a study session.

Do Dishes Right Away

After a late night of hanging out, studying, or gaming, the last thing anyone wants to do is the dishes, especially if you have to wash them in the communal bathroom sinks. But you really won’t want to do them the next morning when the pizza sauce and old chicken wings are plastered to the surface of the plates. In the interest of keeping bugs, mice, and mold out of your room, you’ll want to wash those dishes while they’re still easy to clean off. 

Nightly Trash Round-Up

Like with dishes, it’s harder to clean up trash when it has been multiplying in your dorm for a few weeks. Make it a part of your nightly routine to grab whatever trash is lying around and toss it in the bin. If the bin’s full, don’t tell yourself you’ll take it out tomorrow (if the trash is in your bin, it’s still in your room after all). Making this part of your nightly routine will help you sleep better since a better-smelling room is more conducive to a good night’s sleep.

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