The Eco-Friendly Choice: Tips to Go Green This Summer

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There are so many ways to learn as a student. No matter what year you are, life provides experiences that teach you in ways that are different than those you learn in the classroom. Sometimes, the choices we make can ensure that we learn more than expected.

Think about it this way—when you join an athletic team, you learn about teamwork and communication. When you start a garden, you learn how to care for fragile items. And some choices we make not only allow us to learn and grow, but they also help the world in the meantime. Those are the sort of options we’re going to discuss below.

Summer is the perfect opportunity to delve into these choices that help you learn, and it’s also the time to practice sustainability. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of tips to go green this summer. Check it out!

Stick to Shopping Secondhand

One of the easiest habits to get into before school begins involves your shopping habits. When you’re looking for decorations for the dorm, get them from a thrift shop. When you’re looking for new school clothes, head to a consignment shop. Not only will the choice to shop secondhand help you save money, but it also keeps clothes out of landfills and stops the fast fashion trend. And that’s just one of the reasons you should start shopping secondhand.

Make Biking a Habit

If you’re going into college, get into the habit of not using a car to take you everywhere. Although you may not be going to campus quite yet, that gives you more time to get into the habit of biking and walking, rather than driving. Do your part to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions by cutting back on your own driving habits.

Choose Reusable Products

People have been saying this for years, so if you haven’t started, this summer is the time to begin. Quit using single-use plastic and other disposable items. This season, make the fast or slow transition into never purchasing something that you can only use once. Get yourself a reusable water bottle. Make sure that you have reusable bags for when you go grocery shopping during school. Get reusable makeup wipes. There are so many products out there that can replace your single-use options. Make the switch!

Pay Attention to Eating Habits

This is one of the most important choices you can make, and it’s a great tip for going green this summer—eat smart! Processed foods won’t give you that energy you need to make it through class and studying, and they’re not good for the planet, either. Instead, choose fresh, locally sourced foods. Get a little garden going. Stop eating red meat. These are seemingly small choices that can make a big impact on your energy and the planet’s health!

These are just a few of the ways you can go green this summer and put yourself on a path of success for school. Remember, all the choices we make will turn into some type of learning experience, whether it’s big or small. Enjoy the impact these changes can make!

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