Accepted to Multiple Schools? How to Make the Best Choice

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Making the best choice after receiving numerous letters of acceptance from colleges may be challenging. A college is like a second home. It is a place you are likely to spend some time away from your home. Making the best choice of the kind of college you should attend is very important. This article gives you five different ways that can guide you to making the right choice.

Distance from your home

How far are the colleges from your home? In other words, how far are you willing to travel from home? Are you willing to stay far away from your home? Enrolling in California colleges when you live in the East will require more acclimatization than simply accepting an application to a college on the East coast. If you are willing to stay far away from home, colleges that are far shouldn’t be a problem. If you are still under the custody of your parents, seek their opinion. Ask them whether they will be willing to let you attend colleges that are far from home.


After you have received the letters of acceptance from colleges, share with your friends, relatives, and with people who have some knowledge about the colleges. A problem shared is a problem half solved. Ask them what they think about the colleges. Ask them to suggest to you what they think is the best college. Find out from them why they think the college they have suggested is the best. You may also look for former students who have gone through the colleges and seek counsel from them. Find out their experience as students in those colleges. You may also seek for more information about the colleges from online platforms.

The Cost

Money plays a key role in determining which college you should attend. Go through the fee structures of each college. How much are you willing to pay as college fees? Look for colleges that you are able to afford. Eliminate those that you cannot afford from the list and compare those that you remain with. This is helpful in the case where you are funding your own education. If it is your guardian who will be in charge of paying your college fees, ask for their input. Find out how much they are willing to pay as your college fee and zero down to colleges you able to afford.

The Reputation of the College

You never want to go to a college that has a tainted reputation. Look at the history of the colleges that you have received. Find out how they have been performing over the years. Ask people about them and if not satisfied, look for more information from online platforms. If possible, visit the colleges on a fact finding mission. Ask those on campus about the college, the professors, as well as the courses offered. Go to the college noticeboard and read the information posted. Most colleges have their history posted on their noticeboards.

The Infrastructure

Nobody wants to go to a college that has a dilapidated infrastructure. This might mean that you visit the colleges physically. Look at the hostels, the lecture rooms, pavements, as well as the furniture. Look at how technologically enhanced they are. Look at the surrounding environment, then make a decision whether the place is suitable for you to study or not.

Do not be overwhelmed by the number of acceptance letters that you have received from colleges. Do not be quick to make decisions basing on the pictures found in their prospectus. Remember, all that glitters is not gold. Be patient and go through all the colleges, and find one that suites you.

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