Tips for How to Earn Extra Money on the Side

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For those with entrepreneurial spirit, there are plenty of ways to make a couple of extra bucks from the comfort of your own home. All it requires is that you have a computer and be willing to work odd jobs! In this article, we will look at some of the ways you can use your time at home to make a little bit of money on the side.

Work for a Freelance Jobs Site

Your first, and probably your best, option to make truly decent money working from home is to sign up for a freelance jobs site. Sites like Upwork and Textbroker are probably the two best jobs sites out there. Upwork is a sort of all-inclusive jobs site. Once you sign up as a freelance worker, you can search for jobs that include transcription, writing, editing, graphic design, video design, and many other categories. Usually, the jobs are well paying, and you can sort of pick and choose to get exactly what you want to work on. If you have special skills or work experience (i.e. say you had experience as a Vancouver Civil Forfeiture Lawyer at one point), you can usually draw on these to obtain better jobs on Upwork.

Textbroker, on the other hand, is an entirely writing-based company. Clients post projects that they need written pertaining to a particular category (i.e. finance, health, hobbies, etc.) and you, the writer, complete those projects on a cost-per-word basis. The good thing about this site, is that there is always work if you like to write.


Alternatively, if you are the arts and crafts type, Etsy will be a great platform for you! You can design homemade products that you specialize in creating, and then you can list them for sale on Etsy. Many people have been successful at building quality Etsy storefronts, and this has translated into a recurring stream of business for them that is very profitable. Of course, for you to replicate this, you will need to be willing to learn how to be a marketer and salesman, as well as how to make your products better. It’s a tricky balance between crafting, business, and internet savvy.

Take Surveys

The final method recommended for making money at home involves the tried and true survey-taking sites that are willing to pay you for your opinion. You can sign up for any number of survey sites like Ipsos, e-Rewards, and others, and you can take their surveys to earn cash and points for gift cards. Keep in mind, this method is probably the least lucrative, as the payout on most surveys is very low. However, it is tried and true work if you can’t find any other sources of work-from-home income at the time.

Truly, anyone can make money from home. You just have to be persistent and willing to work to find avenues where you will be successful. If you are diligent, you will find a couple of good quality income streams that you can make from home!

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