Multicultural Education Incorporates Cultural Diversity

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Culture encompasses race, ethnicity, nationality, language, religion, class, gender, sexual orientation, and exceptionality (a term applied to students with specialized needs or disabilities) of a specific group of people. And multicultural education refers to an environment where students from various cultural backgrounds get together for getting education.  It could be a classroom, school, college, university or some other kind of institute.

The method of teaching and learning is based upon building harmony, respect, and developing cultural diversity within racial societies. Multicultural education is a way to recognize and integrate positive racial characteristics into classroom atmospheres.

Multicultural education incorporates a cultural diversity in students because teachers use techniques and methods to mold the way of delivering knowledge in a way every student can understand. It is quite like an education equity for students as it is a way to know about others’ way of living, values and attitudes. It prepares students to face the real world problems.  This is the reason course designers design course of a subject considering students from all possible cultural backgrounds and prepare the outline very carefully without discrimination to someone having a specific background.

Course syllabus includes learning material of multiple cultural perspectives, historic examples and references. Multicultural communication is an important part of subject of Business Communication. And students experience the realities in multicultural education. They learn to understand other cultures and make people from other cultures to understand their own view point. Students easily learn to avoid social prejudice and barriers considering all the limitations.

This approach unite the students rather than diving them in groups. It reduces fear, ignorance, and personal impartiality are possible benefits to a Multicultural education. It increases ethnic minority retention at institute as well as classroom performance. It increases minorities’ presence in local and international activities, making it a part of history. Multicultural education also benefits by providing new alternative viewpoints to deliver already taught material. Instructors can easily use the new ways instead of old traditional ways. It increases the awareness about global issues with a critical thinking approach towards cultural diversity. All this causes a significant demographic transformation. And this positive change is a demand of our universe.

Where there are a lot of benefits of multicultural education, it also encompasses downsides which needs to be tackled in order to enhance multicultural education.

  • Affirmative policies standardized as quota system for minorities are the first step not equalizing the opportunities for all races and communities. Institutes allocate special resources to specialized students and accommodations for minorities usually telling them as lower-income students.
  • Standardized assessment tests expect the same level of presenting the material verbally with English language, where there may be students finding difficult to speak English so well. There must be a variety of methods to assess the students towards their academic growth.
  • It may increase the bitterness encountered by students who feel that changes in school traditions, curriculum, and academic standards are not necessary to get along and respect students from ethnic minorities.

All in all, multicultural education approach can be exploited to unite the people from various regions and nations of globe, thus reducing the communication barriers, respecting one another’s viewpoints, beliefs and values. But it demands an active participation of institute’s administration office to avoid the possible downsides.

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