Student Savings: Discounts You Never Knew You Could Get

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College is incredibly expensive these days, but there are many student discounts you can use to help offset these costs. You are probably being smart you’re your grants and scholarships, but even daily costs for living on your own can add up. Everybody knows about the Amazon Prime and computer manufacturer discounts, yet nobody seems to know about the student discounts below. Use these ideas to save a little more money in your starving student budget.

Adobe Software

While everybody is aware of computer manufacturer discounts, not everybody knows about Adobe’s student discounts. Adobe offers special pricing for students and teachers up to as much as 60% off, suddenly making Adobe products less shocking and more affordable. At this time, they offer a plan that requires a one-year commitment but can be paid by the month at $19.99 a month for all of their apps.

State Farm

Many large insurance companies offer discounted car insurance for college students, but State Farm’s is one of the best. The Good Student Discount varies depending on your location with savings up to 25%, which will continue until you are 25 regardless of college enrollment.


Several phone companies have student discounts including Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon, depending on location, and if your school participates. Sprint provides a standard 10% off discount for currently enrolled students.

Good Will

A somewhat strange entry, Good Will offers 20% off of all purchases for college students with ID on Tuesdays. Considering how tight finances are for the majority of students, being able to discount Good Will purchases even further will only help save more money on a daily budget.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Despite financial struggles, students still need to socialize and have fun. When choosing somewhere to eat Buffalo Wild Wings has set themselves up as an option for students. They offer a 10% discount with a valid student ID meaning you can have fun and great food for less.

General Motors

Possibly the largest amount of savings out of everything on this list, General Motors offers a discount to students based on the price of the vehicle. Not all vehicles are eligible for this discount, but many new 2016 or 2017 vehicles are listed, such as the 2017 Chevy Traverse LS Base, the 2017 GMC Acadia Limited, and even the 2016 Chevy Camaro and Corvette.

Student Advantage Card

This one isn’t a company discount, but is a card that will provide even more company discounts such as Armani Exchange, Greyhound, and Lenovo. The card costs only $20 per year plus shipping and handling and provides $10 back on the first purchase.

There are always new student discounts popping up and policies change regularly, but these are some of the best right now. Before making a purchase, always inquire with the company to see if they offer a student discount and you will save tons of money over the years you spend in school. Even at places like All About Eyes, you can find plenty of coupons and discounts online, even if they aren’t specific to students. Use your smarts and searching skills to find deals online and see some surprising places where you can save.

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