Degrees That Don’t Take Four Years Of Schooling

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Attending a four-year college right after high school is a step that many youths take, but that doesn’t mean it’s the correct choice for everyone. Not only do some teenagers want to pursue a different path, but returning students do not always have the time or money to attend school for four full years.

Child Care and Development

While working as a full teacher in a school is almost always going to require at least a four-year degree, you can hold other jobs in the field of child care and development. For example, you will likely be able to find a position as a daycare worker or an assistant teacher in such a facility with minimal schooling. You could also work as a nanny or find out what licensing is necessary to open a daycare in your state.

Medical Field

Many people forget about these field because they think only of doctors and surgeons. Jobs you could get in the medical field with a two year degree include a radiology technician, dental hygiene assistant or a position with 911 Industrial Response Inc., a Calgary ambulance service. For example, an application for a job in these professions would focus more on your experience in the field than on how many years of school you attended. Other individuals pursue a two-year nursing degree, but this field is starting to change over to four-year programs only.

Visual Arts

Pursuing a passion in the arts often requires that you have experience, but it does not necessitate a college degree in a number of cases. For example, you may attend graphic design school and start working for a marketing firm at a major company, or you may be well-skilled in the field of pottery and offer classes to youngsters at a local spot. Theater is another field that relies heavily on experience.

The Culinary Arts

People who love to show their appreciation for art through food and pastries will also discover that they do not need a four-year degree. They may attend a culinary institute, or those who are naturally talented might find themselves in a job right after high school. Also, some decide that they want to open their own bakeries, and as a result, they are able to offer custom-designed cakes and cupcakes to the community.

Finding a job that doesn’t require a four-year degree might seem as though it is impossible, but quite a few options exist when you really start to explore the possibilities.

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