What Not To Do When Writing An Essay

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Many students perceive essay writing to be a difficult college assignment. In reality, this type of assignment is not as difficult if you know the correct format. Students usually rush their writing in order to complete an essay and give very little attention to its content and therefore lose marks on assessment. Many of them, who know that they don’t have the time or skills to produce an insightful piece of writing, seek online assignment help.

Regardless, all you need to do while writing an essay is to pay close attention to the question, and create write accordingly. A few ignored mistakes may make your essay look uninteresting to the reader. In order to find solutions to the problems, you need to identify the problems first. If you want to write an appealing essay for your readers, try and avoid these common mistakes when you write an essay:

Long Sentences And Weak Adjectives

It is very important to keep your sentences short if you want to make your essay attractive. Also, avoid using weak adjectives in your essay. For instance, if you want to describe a beautiful woman, you can write a gorgeous woman instead of a very beautiful woman.

Spelling Mistakes

Essays that are submitted without proofreading often contain spelling mistakes. The major reason why students ignore spelling mistakes is that they rely too much on the auto-spell check of their computer. Computer sometimes does not detect wrong usage of words and spelling mistakes.So, it is strongly advised to check your essay before submission.

Absence Of Transitional Phrases

Students sometimes do not realize the importance of transitional phrases and end the paragraphs without leading their readers to the next point. Absence of transitional phrases at end of each paragraph makes your essay look poorly constructed.

Lack Of Originality

Some students copy material from internet and books without giving proper citations and footnotes. This is sometimes done unintentionally, but the sad truth is that many students do this on purpose just to save their time. Teachers do not like copied material and therefore, you lose marks on your essay.

Unattractive Title

Sometimes, students focus so much on the content that they ignore the significance of an attractive title. The students should construct the essay first and then create a title most suitable to the content therein.

No Conclusion

Conclusion is usually the last paragraph of an essay that sums up entire debate. Students usually forget giving a proper conclusion in rushed writing and therefore, lose marks.

How To AvoidCommon Mistakes

Following are two simple tips you can use to avoid common mistakes in essay writing.

  • Proofread

It is strongly advised that you proofread your essay before submission. There are always a few mistakes that your computer’s auto-spell check may not detect. In order to correct all mistakes, you can ask a friend or your parents to proofread your essay and point out mistakes.

  • Use a dictionary

Always keep a dictionary with yourself while writing an essay. You can also use online dictionaries for this purpose. There are multiple benefits of using a dictionary. Such benefits include:

  • No spelling mistakes
  • Correct usage of words
  • Better vocabulary

Everybody makes mistakes in writing essays. But then again, we improve ourselves or our skills by learning from those mistakes and avoiding them in future. So, leverage the aforementioned guidelines to make sure that this time you submit a flawless essay and get the grades that you really deserves and, not to mention, the praises from your teachers.

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