Five Ways to Raise Your ACT Score

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Having a high score on the ACT is a huge asset when it comes to the college application process. Depending on the schools you are applying to, your ACT scores may determine whether or not you are accepted. If you have taken the ACT and are unhappy with your current score, here are some tips you can use to bring it up:

Take Practice Tests

The best way to improve, in anything, is to practice. Plenty of practice books are available for the ACT, created specifically to provide you the opportunity to assess your testing level. By testing yourself, you get a better chance to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You’ll know which areas to focus more of your studies on and what skills you can employ to help you get through the tougher sections of the exam.

Enroll in a Course at Your School

Many high schools offer prep courses with test preparation specialists who teach each subject the ACT covers. These classes will help you understand the sort of questions that will appear on the exam, strategies for tackling some of the toughest questions and methods for really improving your score the next time around.

Participate in Online ACT Courses

On top of the courses you could take at your high school, you should also look into online ACT classes. Taking ACT prep courses online, students on average are able to raise their score by two points after taking an online class. When you opt for an online course, you are able to learn at your own pace instead of having too much material pushed at you in one sitting.

Work with a Tutor

While taking classes is a wonderful way to raise your scores, you can benefit from supplementing these classes with occasional meetings with a tutor. Because of the one-one-one attention you’ll get from an ACT tutor, your preparation efforts will be more tailored to your own test-taking needs.

Form Study Groups

Chances are, some of your friends and classmates are having trouble preparing for the ACT too. By working in a study group, you can help to build each other’s confidence. As a study group, you’ll each bring your own unique strengths to the table, enabling you to act as peer tutors. This will most often work for the benefit of everyone involved, providing both a group preparation environment and peer tutoring without the cost of a class or tutor.

You may have to try out a few of these methods before finding the one which best meets your test preparation needs. The most important thing is being able to identify your testing strengths and weaknesses, so you can put your valuable time and effort into improving the skills you need most.

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