It’s Time! How to Get Out From Under Your Parents’ Roof

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The downturn in the economy in 2008 meant that many college students and even some professionals where forced to move back in with their parents. The situation has worked out well for both parties in terms of cost savings, but living with one’s parents can become tiresome after a while. If you are looking to move out from under your parents’ roof, then consider a few of the following tips.

Search the Job Boards

You don’t need the local help wanted section of the newspaper any longer because Internet job search engines have taken over in most respects (though you can occasionally still find good opportunities in the paper). Not only can job search engines provide you with an easy way to find a job that fits your skills, they can give you access to jobs across a state, country, or even the world. They expand your reach, which is an important benefit in a tough job market.

Creative Follow-Ups

Job search engines can do a lot of the work for you, but they can’t do it all. Once you do find a job, you need to be diligent about pursuing it. That means setting up an interview and then doing your best to let the employer know that you are ready, willing, and able to work hard for their company.

Chances are that everyone will be following up on a job offer with emails, phone calls, or even snail mail. If you want to make an impression, come up with a creative way to follow up on an offer. The best option is to tailor the follow-up to the company you are interviewing with. For instance, if the company deals in fine stationary, send a fancy follow-up letter that is hand written on premium card stock. Use the follow-up as an opportunity to showcase your skills.

Consider a Job With Housing

Part of the problem with moving out is finding a place to live that is within your budget, an ordeal that some employers are making easier through corporate housing. Resort jobs have traditionally offered housing to their employees, but such offerings have not been common in other industries.. It only makes sense that resorts offer housing because most of them are in isolated locations and the commutes would be terrible. That said, other companies are starting to pick up on the trend in an effort to make life easier on their employees. You may find that company housing is a great way for you to get out on your own while making connections with your colleagues. Here are a few jobs that are known to offer housing.


If you have a good friend, consider sharing the burden of rent and utilities. Sharing can be a nice way to transition from living with your parents to living on your own. Think of it as a stop on the way to independent living. The great thing about this arrangement is that it can allow both you and your to start putting money aside for independent living down the road.


Expectations are perhaps the biggest impediment to moving out. If you are used to a cozy home with all the amenities and a quiet back yard, moving into an apartment may be a bit of a shock. Set realistic expectations and keep in mind that the situation is temporary. You are sacrificing now to build a better future.

Get Started

The only way to get out from under your parents’ roof is to take action and there is no time like the present. Start implementing the tips above now and ease into the transition. Take the change a step at a time so that you can acclimate. Before you know it, you’ll be living free and easy and just dropping by to visit your parents on occasion.

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