How To Boost Your Resume By Getting Involved In College

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Students are driven to achieve that elusive parchment, the degree or certificate asserting to the world that you have, in fact, reached that pinnacle of academic success. For many, all campus activity and energy, except for those absolutely essential social and sporting events, is focused on studies, passing required courses, and keeping grade levels high. There is, however, another important document for which you should prepare as you progress through the academic hurdles. It is your resume.

Recognize the Importance of the Resume

Graduating with a coveted degree and a high GPA is important. However, when you parachute into the job market, your resume will show only that you have a degree with a major in a particular discipline. The actual classes that were taken will really not matter, although you could try to tie specific courses to the requirements of a sought after job.

There are many steps you can take to improve a resume while still at college. The following suggestions will not overload your schedule or interfere with studies. Decide what activities will work for you and make the extra effort to expand your experience.

Club Involvement

Membership in an academic or extracurricular club always looks good on a resume; a leadership role looks even better. You might be interested in one of these suggestions:

  • Participate in a debating club as preparation for a job in law or politics
  • Join the media club and volunteer at the campus radio station to gain experience in the world of broadcasting
  • Become a member of a science club that participates in inter varsity competitions

Customize Your Curriculum

Here are three ideas to make sure your curriculum will boost the significance of your resume:

  • In your primary discipline, choose tough courses that tell a prospective employer that you are ready for challenges
  • Where possible, also enroll in optional courses that demonstrate diverse interests
  • Take on project work that demonstrates your ability to apply your studies to the real world

Maintain Contact with Professors and Advisors

Develop and maintain cordial relations with professors and college advisors in your field. They are the people who can provide the appropriate references for your job applications, and they are also the ones who will probably hear of opportunities in their particular fields. Latching on to an internship, research position or teaching assistant job can certainly add substance to a resume.

Part-Time Work Experience

Any part-time paid or volunteer work experience during your college years provides an advantage on a resume, even if the jobs are not glamorous. A prospective employer will recognize your willingness to "get your hands dirty", and your ability to balance school and work activities. Here are some interesting jobs to consider:

  • Be a campus brand ambassador for major companies, by wearing logos or even managing tweets about the company
  • Investigate becoming a social media coordinator for the college or other employer; you might be responsible for passing on corporate messages through the various social media platforms
  • Apply to be a research assistant in your area of study
  • Work in the campus book store, or perhaps in the computer help or sales division
  • Become involved with the campus career center, where you can learn useful skills like greeting and interacting with people
  • Consider helping out with group exercise classes, perhaps even gaining experience leading sessions
  • Volunteer for work with one of the many charitable organizations around campus

Before you know it, and certainly before you complete your college degree, you will have gathered a range of skills and experience. Your resume will be strong and balanced between academics and practical applications. Frame all the information about your college experience in a way that demonstrates a benefit to the prospective employer.

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