A Learning Space: Creative Ideas for Setting Up Any Classroom

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One of the secrets of successful teaching is to create an environment that is conducive towards learning, where the pupils feel relaxed and comfortable with their surroundings.

Creating the perfect learning space will pay real dividends in the results that pupils achieve, so here are some ideas for setting up a cozy and cool classroom that everyone will enjoy being in.

Fun to learn

The sole purpose of a classroom is of course to provide a facility where students will often spend more than 30 hours each week, learning skills and information that will help them to get on in life.

If the classroom is a dark un-inspiring environment with a layout and décor that fails to stimulate the senses, then a teacher is already at a disadvantage even before they start their lesson.

Children respond in a positive way when they are placed in a positive environment and there plenty of creative ways to make the classroom a fun place to be, helping them to do better in class.

Challenging spaces

Every classroom has its own challenges and some are definitely harder to work with form a creative point of view than others. You could be faced with a room with very few or even no windows at all and very often, a teacher is faced with a room that is probably too small for the number of children using it.

The layout of the room becomes even more critical when you are faced with limited space to work with, so get some input and ideas from others so that you can come up with a design layout for the desks that makes the most of the space available.

Once you have got a blueprint to work with, you can order affordable school furniture online and create a classroom that is highly functional and does not make the students feel as cramped as they might do with a poorly designed room.

Use your wall space carefully

Another important aspect of creating a successful classroom design once you have the furniture layout sorted is how you fill your wall space.

Some schools have a quota of wall space that you are allowed to fill and others just don’t want the re-decorating costs so try to stop too many items being placed on their freshly painted new walls. If your classroom has some sort of restrictions on wall space, either due to space or school policy, there is still a way to make the room fun for the students.

You can be creative and use some yarn to create a clothes line that runs along the length of the wall, allowing you to hang up their works of art and learning tools such as maps, without taking up or damaging the wall space.

Creative input

Another great idea to consider for making your classroom as fun as possible is to get the children to come up with some posters and displays that they would like to see put up around the room. If the school and the teacher is willing to embrace this idea, then they are often rewarded with some cool artwork that the kids really enjoy being around, as they created it themselves.

There are many ways to set up a good classroom environment, all it takes is a bit of creative planning and some imagination, and the positive result is often seen in the standards that the kids manage to achieve in their learning.

Marcus Anderson worked as a teaching assistant for several years. An avid blogger, you can find his helpful articles mainly on teaching and education blog sites.

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