Stay Healthy to Save Money in College

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Everyone likes staying healthy, and everyone likes saving money. College students are no exception. Being healthy while you are a college student helps with academic progress and success. Better health also means less expense for medical care while you are in college and less lost time for studying and completing course work.

Staying Healthy by Getting Enough Sleep

College life is demanding academically and socially. Late nights of studying often get mixed with late nights of having fun staying up with friends. Assignment deadlines creep up, and students resort to all-nighter study sessions to stay on top of their course work. Even if you are young and generally healthy, not getting enough sleep runs you down, leading to more frequent illnesses and accidents.

Lack of sleep stresses the immune system, making catching a cold, flu, or other bug more likely. Crowded classrooms, cafeterias, and dormitories in the college environment make picking up a bug from someone else more likely than when you are living at home. By getting enough sleep, your body will be more resistant to illnesses.

Lack of sleep is also a common cause of accidents, especially when driving. Other kinds of injury are also more likely if you are tired and foggy headed. While it can be a challenge to get adequate sleep while you are a college student, making this lifestyle choice a priority will keep you healthy and save you money on prescriptions, doctor visits, and time lost to ill health.

Being well rested also make studying easier and can lead to higher grades and better achievement. Seven hours a night of sleep, or more, is one of the best measures you can take toward good health and lower health care cost while you are a student.

Eating Right Keeps You Healthy

Poor nutrition is another cause of frequent illness. A steady diet of fast food, junk food, and skipped meals may seem like a shortcut that makes sense in the moment, but poor diet is a sure way of compromising your immune system and getting sick more often. Eating well for staying healthy does not have to be complicated.

By focusing on foods that are high in nutrition, easily prepared, or easy to eat on the go, you can make sure your body has the right building blocks for staying healthy while you are under the stresses of college life. Keeping a supply of healthy snacks with you during the day, and making sure you have the fixings for a nutritious dinner, will go a long way toward reducing the number of illnesses you get during the school year.

College meal plans can help out a lot if you have trouble finding time to shop and cook food on your own. By making wise choices about eating right each day, your chances of illness will go down considerably.

Taking Action When You Do Get Sick

Most everyone in college will come down with some illness or injury at some point. When it happens, you can save yourself grief and money by responding in a way that gets you better in the shortest amount of time. Once again, the best prescription almost always involves getting rest and the right nutrition.

When you start to feel sick, take heed and take action right away. Make it an early night, eat and drink sensibly, and there is a good chance your illness will go away on its own within a few days. Ignoring the symptoms of impending illness and pushing on too hard instead will usually mean a longer recovery time and more money out of your pocket for remedies and trips to the doctor.

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