For Professional Students

— Paying the High Cost of Education —

Medical, dental, law and other graduate and professional programs have big tuition bills.

So where to find the money you need:

  1. Perkin Loans:
    available for graduate students with exceptional financial need. Maximum annual limit: $6,000
    jump to loan chart for information

  2. Fed Stafford Loans:
    get the maximum amount of federal Stafford loans as possible. The amount you can borrow each year: $20,500
    jump to Stafford student loan information

  3. Grad PLUS Loans:
    you can borrow up the full cost of your graduate program minus the available stafford loans amount and other financial aid received: view grad PLUS loan program

  4. Private Loans:
    private student loans do not require federal filings and regulations. You can borrow up to the cost of education each academic year to pay for tuition, housing, books, computer, transportation and other: jump to private student loan information

  5. Grants:
    see if you qualify for any federal or school grants. Some professional programs may offer grant money: check your school

  6. Scholarships:
    search for any scholarship money you can find. Every bit helps. Check with your school, community, and affiliated family organizations: view scholarship directory


Money You Need for College
use our College Money Map
to find the aid money you need.